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Nepal will produce 100000MW electricty in 10 years.
Source:Power .in-en | Author:Lucy gan | Published time: 2017-08-15 | 2478 Views | Share:
The summit focused on the government's stratey of achieving amtitious goals and discussed the hydropower development in Nepal

Nepal's prime minister, prachanda, says there is a huge shortfall in electricity supply and demand in Nepal, which needs to be resolved within 10 years.

We are proud that Nepal is one of the richest countries at water resources. However, we currently produce less than 2 % of the technical available capacity. "It means we have a huge opportunity in power development," says Mr Prachanda.

Prachanda also emphasized the  government has started to promote the development of power feld .

Nepal suffered power shortages in a long time , with a peak demand of nearly 1, 500 megawatts and a power load of just 885 megawatts. Only 65 % of households in the country have access to electricity, and rural areas such as the Kathmandu valley have 16 hours of electricity a day.

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