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Digital Frequency Tachmoeter
    Publish time 2017-08-08 13:36    

Antijamming capability tachometer 

Digital Frequency Tachmoeter

Company profile:

ChongQing TongYang Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd(CTEC) is specialized in small and meduim hydropower Projectsthe team has professional knowledge,rich practices&expreience in this especial area more than 10 years.CTEC main study ,design ,product ,install,debug intergated automatic control cabinet,power plant computer(mobile phone) monitoring,governors.hydroturbine,electrical control cabinet.

Technical data:

1.Frequency Range:0.5HZ -10 KHZ
2.Can manual or automatic
3.Display bits: 4 bits LED 
4.Signal frequency:>3HZ   3times/second   
5.Input signal :PNP NPN  5-30V
6.Input resistance:100KΩ
7.Power supply:5V±5% <80MA DC12V DC24V  
9.Size:64*31*35mm  Hole:58*26mm



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