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CTEC had an academic communication with Nepal instiitute of tehcnology ,2016
Source:CTEC | Author:Lucy gan | Published time: 2017-08-15 | 2093 Views | Share:
CTEC was invited by Nepal Electricity Authority to have an academic with Nepal institute of technology's student

At December ,2016,Chongqing Tongyang Electric Equipment Co., LTD.(CTEC) was invited by the Nepal electricity tuthority to conduct academic exchanges at the Nepal institute of science and technology. General manager Tong fei, and foreign trade minister, Lucy gan attended the meeting.

Arriving in Nepal on the afternoon of December 14, 2016, we were warmly received by the Nepal institute of science and technology. Mr.Tong Fei gave a  speech that named  "smart cloud power plant technology".Because of the "Internet+" perfectly mix together to make the operation of the small hydropower station and management become more scientific and convenient.Our speech get great concern by the student and some specialist .They are all interesed in the speech and affirmation .  They all hope to have more  cooperation with our company in the future.

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