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Chen Lei Attend the 7th Hydropower For Today Forum
Source:CTEC | Author:Lucy Gan | Published time: 2017-08-15 | 2564 Views | Share:
The 7th hydropower today forum was opened in hangzhou, zhejiang province. Minister of water resources Chen lei attended it and made a speech entitled "green energy and sustainable development".

From 36 countries and international organizations of government officials and experts and scholars nearly 300 representatives around the theme "small hydropower and green development" , discussed the importand and urgent issue in the field of hydropower development , talk about further push forward the sustainable development of hydropower. A group of 26 Chinese and foreign delegates from the United Nations industrial development organization (United Nations industrial development organization) singh, the President of the American energy company tru energy corp., and the secretary-general of the international energy agency, nelson nelson, spoke at the conference.

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