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Our technical director gave an interview to Uzbek station 'ZBEKISTON 24
Source: | Author:cqtongyang | Published time: 2018-06-27 | 3247 Views | Share:

In March this year, our company exported a batch of hydropower equipment to Zaming Power Station in Uzbekistan.

May 25, our company Technical Director, Mr. Linyang to the power station for equipment installation, commissioning technical guidance.

On June 23, all the equipment was operating normally and generating electricity. The technical director, Linyang, was interviewed by Uzbek station 'ZBEKISTON 24 on the commissioning, operation, and power generation of Zaming power station equipment.

In recent years, our products have been widely recognized by customers at home and abroad for their convenience of use, simplicity of operation and excellent quality.

From scratch, from have to fine, through the unremitting efforts of all colleagues, our internal influence in the industry has been increasing year by year, social visibility has also been greatly improved.

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