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Excitation Public LCU Panel
    Publish time 2017-08-14 14:35    

Excitation ,customized 

Excitation  Public LCU Panel

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ChongQing TongYang Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd(CTEC) is specialized in small and meduim hydropower Projectsthe team has professional knowledge,rich practices&expreience in this especial area more than 10 years.CTEC main study ,design ,product ,install,debug intergated automatic control cabinet,power plant computer(mobile phone) monitoring,governors.hydroturbine,electrical control cabinet.

1.When synchronous generator  excitation  voltage and current is gernerator  excitation voltage and current rating 110%,te excitation  system ensure continuous operation
2.The excitation system voltage ratio 1.6-2 and calculated on generator when correct sequence voltage rating of 80%.allowing strong excitation time should not less than 10s
3.The excitation system voltage response time rise not more than 0.08s,fall not more than 0.15s
4.The excitation system for power supply requirements:AC380V DC220V system .voltage deviation is rating of ±15%, frequency deviation is -3~2HZ


  • Duplex Pressure Gauge and Oil pressure gauge
  • DYM Empty box air pressure gauge
  • Stainless Steel Vibration-proof pressure gauge
  • Vacuum Y-250 single pointer pressure gauge
  • Pressure Temperature Gauge WTQ-280
  • 50MM Water Pressure Gauge
  • D10322N/D10422N Pointer Pressure Gauge
  • Y-100 0-1..6MPA Spring Pressure Gauge
  • YXC-100 Electro Connecting Pressure Gauge
  • MDM484 Pressure trasmitter
  • Fast Switching Thyristor or Module
  • Three Phase Power Module
  • 800A1600V Three Pole Module
  • Power Supply Module
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  • DC/DC Converter
  • 500A 1600V KP Normal thyristor or Module
  • MTC110A1600V Dual-polarity silicon controlled rectifier
  • Thyristor with thyristor module