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TYFKE100KW-700KW Control Cabinet
    Publish time 2017-08-14 14:04    

TYFKE-20kw-5000kw can customized 

TYFKE100KW-700KW Control Cabinet

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ChongQing TongYang Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd(CTEC) is specialized in small and meduim hydropower Projectsthe team has professional knowledge,rich practices&expreience in this especial area more than 10 years.CTEC main study ,design ,product ,install,debug intergated automatic control cabinet,power plant computer(mobile phone) monitoring,governors.hydroturbine,electrical control cabinet.

TYFKE Low Voltage Unit Automation Panel

   It has some functions such as :Start/Stop automatically,Adjust frequency/power,automatic tracking,automatic quasi-synchronizing,excitation,temperature measurement,over speed protect,over current and over voltage protect,low voltage protect,excitation-loss protection,communication.
Start Mode:One step grid,the background control boot,manual boot.
Stop Mode:One key to stop,the background control stop,manual stop,emergency stop.etc.

1.Automatically boot to no-load

This Low voltage automatic system has designed two boot program according to power plant which has governor or not.

2.No Governor

Early ,in order to save cost and some aspects ,there is no governor in power plant,so it will lead to some trouble such as over adjust or hysteresis adjust when automatic adjusting needles or guide vane opening.According to the problem as above mentioned,our products deal with the trouble and make it sooner ,more relax,more saver.


Recent years,most power plant with governor ,it is easier to realize automatic,only need to boot ,the governor will do the rest things.

When the governor or the products will be frequency to the speed of 95%,automatic system will send a wound ,the voltage of the machine is taken as system voltage stability,if the excitation failure,touch screen or background will send up the wound failure alarm information and voice information to prompt user.

4.No-load to grid.

When the generator start excitation successfully,automatic system will increase needles and guide vane opening ,and increase the frequency 49 to 51HZ ,at the same time ,the automatic system will give a circuit breaker stored energy signal,judgment after storage in place,then send an synchronoscope signal,the synchronoscope is starting working,while the automatic system start to increase or reduce the number of needles and guide vane opening.

5.Parallel to a given.

If the reactive power in phase after grid,automatic system will take reactive power to corresponding power factor first ,then add active power,coordinate with each other ,in order to achiever the given value of power factor ,active power.

2.One step stop
After Background or touch screen click one step command ,program starts executing load and reactive,after reach set value then splitting .After circuit breaker began to close spray needles or guide vane opening.Excitation is lower than 41HZ ,de-excitation automatically,as long as the injection needle or guide vane opening down to below 41HZ ,excitation will de-excitation,speed is lower than 35% will automatically stop,and less than 5% after delayed braking reset after a period of time.Some power station has no brakes,can fold to implement or water resistance,and then close the spray needle or guide vane,stop using inertia of unit.

3.Emergency Stop

Stop by commonly:over speed,over voltage,over current,high loss of pressure,temperature,and water accident.The above situation occurs,automatic system will jump over circuit breaker,fold to implement or spray water resistance ,and close needle or guide vane,if there is electric institutions at the same time ,the main valve will close the main valve.


On the touch screen or background computer display voltage,current,frequency,power factor ,active power,electricity ,etc.


On the touch screen or the background computer display related signal:such as circuit breaker ,needles or guide vane,circuit breaker stored energy.

According to water level automatic control load to increase efficiency.Water transport has two ways:One is radio transmission ,the other is GPRS traffic by telecom or mobile by mobile phone or any link network computer can monitor the plant data.In the reservoir pressure sensor or pool 

7.before installation ,can accurately response level of high and low position.Water level signal has up up limit ,up limit ,down limit,down down limit.,can tell water level.When water level reached up up limit ,if only opened a units,automatic process will be very good to determine whether the other units meet first boot conditions ,if meet ,it will automatically open the other units and grid-connected power generation with 30% of the load,the program will observe the water level of the 10 minutes for fall ,if water levels are still rising load to 60^,and so on.

8.Manual function

In addition to the automatic function,this system also with manual button:manual excitation ,magnetic,hand over the same period,manual or active reactive power ,manual key ,etc.

9.The load curve

The cabinets can be describe curve according to unit real time power ,it is easy to understand recent situation of generating.
10.Operating Log
The operator’s key operations can be recorded,understand the history in the course of unit operation.
11.Communication function
Through RS485 communication cabinets ,it is convenient to realize remote monitoring.



  • Duplex Pressure Gauge and Oil pressure gauge
  • DYM Empty box air pressure gauge
  • Stainless Steel Vibration-proof pressure gauge
  • Vacuum Y-250 single pointer pressure gauge
  • Pressure Temperature Gauge WTQ-280
  • 50MM Water Pressure Gauge
  • D10322N/D10422N Pointer Pressure Gauge
  • Y-100 0-1..6MPA Spring Pressure Gauge
  • YXC-100 Electro Connecting Pressure Gauge
  • MDM484 Pressure trasmitter
  • Fast Switching Thyristor or Module
  • Three Phase Power Module
  • 800A1600V Three Pole Module
  • Power Supply Module
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifier
  • DC/DC Converter
  • 500A 1600V KP Normal thyristor or Module
  • MTC110A1600V Dual-polarity silicon controlled rectifier
  • Thyristor with thyristor module