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Single Phase Voltage Measuring Digital Meter AC or DC
    Publish time 2017-08-09 08:32    

 AC or DC single phase meter 

1.Digital display measuring meter is suitable for measuring and displaying current,voltage,power, frequecny. power factor and other electric parameters, which has the advatntages of direct view.high accuracy, high stability and other characteristics.Widely used in electric power system,automation control system,transformer,voltage divider,current divider,electricaltransducer, etc.,To measure the electrical parameters like thevoltage,current , frequency ,etc.,of power grid,adopting the LED display,this series of products are featured with the high precision,strong isolation, stable perfo rmance.vibration resistance and so on.directly taking the place of the former pointer instruments.
2.Technical Data
2.1 Accuracy:0.5class
2.2 Display:31/2digital display
2.3 Nomal input current:AC1A AC5A AC10A AC500mA DC5A DZ20mA etc.
2.4 Nomal input voltage:AC100V AC220V AC380V DC100V DC200V DC380V DC75mV
2.5 Frequency:50/60HZ±10%
2.6 Auxiliary Power Supply:AC220V±5%
2.7 Power Consumption:<3VA
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