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CJX-9/12/14/18/20/25/30 Alternator Normally Closed Shear Pin
    Publish time 2017-08-03 08:58    

CJX normally closed ,JX normally open
Plastic or  Ceramic

Company profile:

ChongQing TongYang Electrical Equipment Co.,ltd(CTEC) is specialized in small and meduim hydropower Projectsthe team has professional knowledge,rich practices&expreience in this especial area more than 10 years.CTEC main study ,design ,product ,install,debug intergated automatic control cabinet,power plant computer(mobile phone) monitoring,governors.hydroturbine,electrical control cabinet.

Technical data:


Shear Pin signal is used for cutting pin hole of turbine guide blade ,when shear pin is cut off ,it will send an electrical signal .shear pin is made of ceramic polypropylene or plexiglass .CJX imeans normallly closed ,JX means normally open.
Shear Pin signal is specially designed to reflect fracture accident of cutting pin of turbine guide blade .It is instaled in center hole of cutting pin ,each shear pin is fitted with a semaphore.
Shear Pin signal usually used in conjunction with signal and send an electrical signal when happening following two situations.
A.During normal shutdown,if the guide blade is stuck ,the shear pin will be cut off ,then send an alarm signal .
B.If the guide blade is stuck during the unit shutdown,shear pin will be cut off ,then it not only send an alarm signal ,but also acts on emergency shutdown draw out relay to close inlet valve.

2.Schematic circuit and outline 

3.Model :




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