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Project: Guizhou Province,Dejiang county hydropower station 

Content: the reformation of synergistic scale power plant after the normal water level 1732.10 m in the front of the dam, power reference design flow rate of 2.2 m3 / s, rated head of 113 m, the maximum water head, 115,  minimum head 110.5 m, installed capacity of 4000 kw (2 * 200 kw), the annual output of 17.2 million kw. J h, installed using the number of hours of 3584 h, guarantee the output of 2019 kw.

1. Water machine model: hld307c-wj-70

2. The rotor blades are made of stainless steel and are cast steel.

3. The rotary seal ring adopts detachable;

4. Anti-wear ring for front and rear cover and the sealing surface of the wheel;

5. 4 pivot points, sliding bearings.

November 2014 implementation, August 2015 acceptance, the current equipment operation for 2 years.