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Project: chongqing two estuary power station

Contents: replace two governor

1. Governor model: GYWT - 300

2. GYWT - 300-16

3. The adjustment range of the whole time adjustment of the guide blade relay is: 3 ~ 20s

4. The time adjustment range of the guide blade relay is 3 ~ 20s

5. Design oil pressure: 16.0 MPa

6. Capacitance: 300kg. M

7. Relay schedule:

8. Oil brand:

9. The adjustment range of the permanent transition coefficient is: bp = 0-10%

10. The adjustment range of transient variation coefficient is: bt = 0-200%

11. The adjustment range of buffer time constant is: Td = 0-30S

12. The acceleration time constant adjustment range is: Tn = 0-5S

13. The adjustment range of artificial failure zone is: IC = 0-0.9 Hz

14. The range of given frequency adjustment is: fr = 45-55hz

15. The range of the given power adjustment is: pr = 0-100%

16. Power: AC380/220V, 50Hz; DC220V

17. Frequency measurement: residual pressure measurement