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about us

CTEC is located at Chongqing ,China,more than 400 employees,20% of them are technical ,40% of them are workers,20% of them are sales,10% of them are adminstrative staff ,5% of them are conductor ,2% of them are financial ,3% of them are After sales service workers.

CTEC's devices are :Turbine series,Governor series,Electrical Control Cabinet series,Integrated automatic panel,Generator protection series,High and Low voltage switchgear ,Excitation control panel.etc.

CTEC's instruments are :Microcomputer intelligent excitation devices series,TWL-SD brushless excitation voltage regulator,intelligent synchronization series,kinds of digital meters,pointer meters.etc.

CTEC's service are :Telephone counseling,Pre-sale service,After-Sale service,Design plan.Producting,Installaton ,Debugging,Traning.

Recomand Products
  • Customized Axial Turbine Manufacture
  • Cross Flow Turbine Axial Flow Turbine
  • Direct Connection Axial Turbine
  • Vertical Axial Turbine
  • Axial Flow / Proeller/ Kaplan Turbine
  • Cheap Axial Turbine
  • 30-50KW Axial Flow Type Hydro Water Turbine
  • Hydro Francis Turbine With Vertical Axial Generator
  • ZDT03-LM/LMY-60ψ=+15° Axial Flow Water Turbine
  • Brushless Inclined Jet Turbine Manufacture
  • Inclined jet turbine turgo impluse type with hydro generator
  • CJ-63/1*14 Hydro Turbine
  • AC Three Phase Synchronous Inclined Jet Turbine
  • Impulse Turgo Hydro Turbine
  • Mini HydroPower Plant Inclined Jet Turbine
  • Double Turgo Turbine
  • Inclined Jet Water Turbine Generator
  • 70-200m head Inclined jet Turbine
  • Vertical Turbine
  • Horizontal Turbine
  • Half Tubular turbine
  • Light Bulb Tubular Turbine
  • Kaplan,Axial,Francis,Tubular,Pelton Turbine
  • Tubular Turbine
  • High Water Head Hydroturbine
  • Tangential Turbine
  • 500MW Pelton Turbine
  • 125KW Generator Water Turbine
  • Hydro Electric Generating Set
  • Export Hydropower station francis turbine
  • HLD307C-WJ-70 4MW Francis turbine
  • Vertical and Horizontal Water Turbine
  • HL260-WJ-42 Francis Turbine
  • 55KW-6300KW Hydropower station water turbine
  • HL220-WJ-42 Francis Water Turbine
  • Francis Type Water Turbine-Generator Units